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Image video

Flixtake for your image

Videos that appeal.

Video that bind.

Flixtake quality

Our excellent equipment gives you true cinema quality. Aligned to the highest standards, with a strong and dynamic team.

Experts in the field of film

With over 5 years of experience in videography, we are proud to call ourselves true experts.


We accept orders from all over the world and look forward to the next challenge.
No matter whether in the desert of Dubai, in the mountains of Switzerland or on the streets of Hamburg.

Customer loyalty for every company.


Customer loyalty through an image video has many advantages.

New customers
Word of mouth
High satisfaction

These points are important in order to build regular customers.
So that the company achieves a constant increase in customer base.

Our image video service

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Easily manage video projects online from all devices.

The Flixtake Pro Studio is ideal for managing Flixtake image videos. It offers the possibility to download and check his project.

Zeitleiste für die Videobearbeitung

Flixtake Multishot.

One project, many Variants.

Multishotmakes it possible to get the perfect image video from a project. Thanks to a high number of recording minutes in different situations and through proactive recording, Multishot allows for more freedom on average and up to five different raw image video variants in one project. This means that the perfect image video for every company can be created comparatively quickly and qualified be developed. Multishot was developed by us to save time and improve results, it works.

Multishot for the image video Pro.


FrabenCLIMAX (3).png

Something pro.

Your Flixtake video will be colored using DaVinci Resolve.and that with our exclusive LUTs that are perfectly tailored to our cameras.

swap production,
and receive credit.

You can switch from a qualified video production agency to Mustang Studios and receive a voucher for videos at Mustang Studios as a thank you.

Do you still have questions?
Just ask.

There's no better place to buy a video. We know the right partners, payment options and more. And we explain it in a way that is easy to understand.



We recommend that you seek advice from an expert before deciding on a promotional video.

We offer you two options for this.

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