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Flixtake Gaming is a diverse company that is involved in various areas of gaming and offers a wide range of gaming experiences for gamers around the world. With a passion for innovation and a deep-rooted love for gaming, Flixtake Gaming has successfully established a foothold in various areas.

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FiveM Roleplay (GTA 5):

One of Flixtake Gaming's standout offerings is participation in the FiveM community for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). Here players can immerse themselves in an immersive and vibrant online world inspired by the

PlatinV team was designed. The FiveM Roleplay offers players the opportunity to develop their creative skills, experience exciting stories and slip into different roles to experience unique adventures. Find out more at >


Flixtake Gaming also has a significant presence in the world of Minecraft. The company operates servers where players can explore the endless possibilities of Minecraft. From epic adventures to creative building projects, Flixtake Gaming provides a platform for Minecraft fans to live out their imaginations.

League of Legends Esports:

Flixtake Gaming is proud to be active in the esports space with a focus on League of Legends. The company supports talented people

E-sports teams and players on their way to the top. With world-class training opportunities, tournaments and support for aspiring esports athletes, Flixtake Gaming helps nurture the gaming community and develop talented players.

Development of your own games:

Flixtake Gaming is not only active in existing games, but also works on its own projects for various platforms, including PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The company is committed to developing high-quality games that appeal to gamers of all ages. From exciting action games to deep story RPGs, Flixtake Gaming strives to enrich the gaming world with fresh ideas and high-quality games.

Overall, Flixtake Gaming is a diverse company that recognizes the diversity and potential of the gaming universe. With involvement in FiveM Roleplay, Minecraft, League of Legends E-Sports and the development of its own games, Flixtake Gaming has taken a prominent role in the gaming community and will continue to offer exciting gaming experiences in the future. The passion for gaming and commitment to innovation make Flixtake Gaming an important destination for gamers worldwide.

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